Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will My Heart Mend?

So last night Jamison, AJ, and I had planned on going bowling. We have talked about going bowling for the last couple of weeks but we had not been. We decided that we would skip the gym and go ahead and bowl. Well I received a phone call from KB that he was still in Atlanta and that he was at a Birthday gathering with some of his Morehouse Brothers. He also mentioned that he was sitting directly across from my ex boyfriend CW. Well being that both of them were there, this enticed me to go. I know that it was going to be wrong and some what messy, however I wanted to go and be a little malicious towards my ex.

I will give a little background on the situation. CW really doesn't like KB. When me and him first started our relationship we met KB at a super bowl party. Well KB took interest in me, however I had a boyfriend, therefore that was not going to happen. Well I discussed the situation CW and assured him that he had nothing to worry about because I wouldn't cheat on him, however CW still didn't like KB. As time went on I became good friends with KB and CW still didn't like it. I am the kind of person who is not going to allow my boyfriend to tell me who can and can not be my friends. Well long story short CW and I broke up the day before his big birthday and I didn't do anything for him. 

Back to the story. I went and purchased some wine and a card for KB since it was his birthday the day prior and I didn't get a chance to see him. When we arrived at the restaurant. The entire table got quiet and looked back. I gave KB his gift and Jamison, AJ, and I went to a table and ordered our food. Jamison insisted that I had gave KB that gift in front of CW in spite. I have to admit maybe I did. I guess I just wanted to throw some hurt on CW because he had did something that hurt me a little a couple weeks before. Anyhow as dinner progressed AJ and Jamison kept trying to say that CW was sad because of what I had done. Honestly at that point I really didn't care because some dude he is dating was there with him, and he was giving me a very unbecoming look. Well dinner wrapped up for the table where KB and CW were and CW and his date left. The entire table began to cheer as they left. This is where I thought that maybe it had gone a little over board. Everyone at the table knew the situation and that I have feelings for KB however at the time we could have been together I was with someone. 

After the dinner Jamison, AJ and I went bowling along with KB and his friends we all had a good time. And then we all went out separate ways for the night.

So did my actions show that I actually still have some kind of feelings for CW? On the inside do CW and I really want to be back with each other? I don't really know that answer. What I do know is that there are a lot of things about him that I just don't like about him as a person and I am sure he feels the same way. Well I have to be off to the gym now it is getting late.


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