Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Transformation

It has been about six months now since AJ, Jamison, and I have been going to LA Fitness. I must say that I have seen some major changes in myself. I have gone from a 34 waist to 32 waist my weight is now 172 and I am getting a nice tone. AJ has lost his belly and has began to shape up. Jamison, well Jamison doesn't really need as much of the same kinda work that AJ and I need. Jamison already has huge arms all he has to do is tone them up. I must say I am bit envious.

All kinds of things are said about people who go to LA Fitness. A lot of people will criticize you for going. But I think it is because many of them lack the motivation and discipline it takes to work out. I must admit I thought we would hop and and "boom" there would be the muscles. But it is actually really hard work, almost like having a second job. So hats off to all of those with ripped up bodies it isn't easy to accomplish. 

Well we have had many experiences at the gym. We have these 5 guys we categorize as Iron Men who are just gorgeous with their physique. Then we have the others like "rick ross" and "five heart beats" who are just a hot mess. We make up names for people if we really don't know them. During our time we know pretty much everyone at our location on Spring. Over time as our bodies have changed more and more people have started to talk to us.

The gym has been both a negative and positive thing for me. Positive in the fact that it is great for health and physique. Also it has given me a greater since of self worth. I am not doing this for the attraction of other people but more or less for the attraction of myself. I like to look at people with a nice body so why shouldn't I be one. Negative in the fact that it can become addictive. We not only go because we want to get our body in shape but because it is a source of entertainment as well. All in all I have a goal I want to accomplish and I have to buckle down even harder to get there. Now it is time to be focused and get my grown man on.

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