Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Tears

Hello everyone. I have been gone for sometime. However, I think that I will start back blogging as much as I can. Well since I have been gone a lot has gone on. Primarily I tried to give dating another serious shot.

Well I met this guy through a friend and it kicked off very well. He wasn't like most guys here in Atlanta or so I thought. He was very kind and seemed to have a huge heart. Well most people know that I am not one to let people get close to me but I figured that I would give it a try.

New Years Eve. Well he was supposed to come here to Atlanta but instead got stuck working late. He was going to have to stay in his hometown which is 100 miles away. I was with my friends but I left and went down to where he was so he wouldn't be alone. It was cool we looked at TV and enjoyed each others company. The great thing about dating him is that we had a understanding that the basis of anything we did would not be sex and we would take things slow. So having said that I went to the guest room and slept the night away.

A couple of weeks had passed and we had seen each other pretty much every weekend. We talked on the phone daily several times a day it seemed to be going well. I even drove down on a monday night to surprise him at work and eat dinner just because I wanted to make him smile. Well all that seems well isn't always well.

He is also a heavy party person. As time has passed I realized that he puts partying and his other friends in front of me. I mean I can understand it sometimes but if you are trying to date me give me some effort. The first sign of disaster came about two weeks ago MLK weekend go figure huh. I was supposed to have Sunday with him since he would be with his friends and party Friday and Saturday. That was cool I am pretty flexible. Well Sunday came and I received a text at noon that he lost his phone and needed my number. Well a normal person would think if u had access to facebook you would at least talk to me through there or call me right? Wrong. I didn't hear from him for 3 days. When I finally did reach out to someone who could get in contact with me he explained he lost his phone and blah blah blah. Well I was upset, but I figured I could let this go under the rug.

Well here I am again Thursday night. I haven't heard from him since monday night. Well maybe he lost his phone again. That happens I do it all the time. BUT the thing that bothers me is that he has time to get on facebook and comment on other people's status and add videos etc but he can't send me a message. So what does this tell me? This tells me that honestly I am not that important to you. You want me to meet your family members this weekend but u can't do something as small as communicate with me? This makes no sense. My close friends say I shouldn't give up. I may be missing out on something good. Well I am tired. I tried my best. The thing that bothers me the most in life is wasting resources. In this case I feel as if I have wasted time, money, feelings, and emotions.

I think this is why many guys in Atlanta are bitter. Its hard to sort through the masses and find someone who you think you want to give a chance. Well I think I have divulged tonight. TTYL