Thursday, September 10, 2009

Atlanta’s Quantity VS Quality Problem Part 1

So this past weekend was one of the biggest weekends that the Atlanta Community can experience. However, my close friends and I decided that we would keep away from it all and we did.

One of my associates from Philadelphia came here this weekend and pleaded to see me the whole weekend. Well I explained to him that I had no desire to be at any of the events or venues because honestly I am just not into that scene like that. I mean sure it can be fun if you want to club etc but I think that I have looked beyond the people who come (some attractive and some not) and I am taking the situation for what it is.  He was upset because he said dudes here are BS. I had to remind him that all people here aren’t BS. I mean honestly what kind of person would you expect to meet during a Pride event? This is where my mind thought to the 80/20 rule for Atlanta.

When you look at Atlanta from a far; if you are naïve you would think that you could move here and instantly have someone. Well that statement is both true and false. Sure you can have someone to sleep with but someone who is more than that, probably not. Atlanta has the largest Black population of homosexual males and yet the relationship ratio here is very small. Why is this? Well there are several different things that could attribute to this; but it all boils down to quantity vs. quality. We have as many people as your eye can see however; most of the people are not of quality.

Quality is defined differently by different people. It doesn’t have to be materialistic; however must of Atlanta sees it this way. What I think are some simple basic qualities are someone who is trying to progress themselves in society to be a better person. All too often the people here are so wrapped up into this lifestyle before they know it years have passed them by. They have no formal education, no career, and many of them have no real family support system. I am not here trying to judge anyone because we all have our faults and so do I, I am merely trying to point out some qualities of Atlanta that makes us have the quantity but we lack the quality.

In smaller cities there is a smaller quantity of people therefore it is less competitive and people have more time to focus on qualitative things in life.  People find someone and they are happy with them. Every time you walk out the door you don’t see someone who is tantalizing to the eye and you think that you may have a chance of living a happier life with them rather than with who you are already with.

Well this wraps up the introduction to my thoughts however there is much more to come. I welcome all questions and comments.