Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Plan

So it has been a while since I have made an entry into my blog. I guess I need to get myself together and be a bit more focused. School this semester has been relatively simple. My class was Statistics for Managers so either you know it or you don't. I have to take my final this week so keep your fingers crossed.

Over the past couple of week several things have happened and have made me realize that I am supposed to take control of my life and set the path and let GOD help me to travel the path he has laid for me.

Jamison, Corey, and I went and had pizza one day and I enjoyed the time. This is something simple that we all do but how often do you do it with your real and true friends. That following Thursday we went to the gym and then ran up Stone Mountain. It was my first time. We finally made it to the top. It was fun and I appreciate Corey for taking me. The Mountain had two meanings for me. Not only physical but it also stood for something else. I had the endurance to climb this mountain to make it to the top so I can have the endurance to change my life how I want it.

Since I have turned 25 my life has made a huge U-turn. Everything has always been so picture book and I had no worries in the world. But then I lost my job, my home( I was robbed), and other things as well. So now it is time for the plan. Thus far for the year I have stuck with my goals of work, school, and the gym but now it is time to expand.

I have a unique opportunity handed to me by a friend. I have paid down my credit card debts from 32K to a mere 8K what an accomplishment. I have also managed to start saving money. So yesterday I thought about it. If I am able to save 10k a year that would be enough to cover my mortgage if I got a home for a whole year. So that means that next year I would need to do the same thing to cover it for the next year. So there is the plan.

My career well as for now it is what it is. We are in a terrible recession so I am just happy to be employed. But inside I feel that when I have completed my MBA there will be a change. I feel like I am being called to help those less fortunate. Not by giving clothes to goodwill so they can resell them or to give food to shelters so they can charge the people $7.00 a day to live there but to actually help the people. If I was blessed to have the money. I would build something similar to a condo tower but instead employ it with those people who have found themselves homeless. This will allow them to have a modest salary to help pay for their living expenses while being there. I would also be able to provide healthcare and educational services to these people. I have sat here and realized that I can't sit and wait for someone else to do these things. If it is something that I want to do then I am going to have to just do it. 

Well I think I have vented enough. Have a great Sunday.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The MJ Memorial

So I just as the rest of the world watched the MJ Memorial on TV. My entire office stopped and congregated together to watch it for a hour on TV then we all went to our computers where CNN did a horrible job of streaming it to us. So on to the memories of the Memorial.

My co workers mostly female tripped me out as they were "reading" during the entire memorial. Lets see first we had Mrs. Cannon-Carey who did a um not too great job. I think that Whitney Houston would have done better. (Check out her new songs to come out on youtube). Next we had Al Sharpton who is just a train wreck form the 60's everyone promptly starting doing their actual work because he just doesn't interest very many people. Next up we have USHER who did a very good job. I skipped some people because they weren't very memorable. But what did make me mad was that congresswoman who wanted to put a bill on the floor to make MJ in US History. Um hello Madam Congresswoman we are in a recession lets do some REAL WORK! I loved Janet I just love her! Lastly Paris Melted my heart away. 

All in all it was a good memorial to remember a man who touched the lives of many. He will be missed by many. 

Monday, July 6, 2009

A First Family Birthday Party

So Sunday was a member of the ATL 1st Family's Birthday. I am not apart of the family but I am a close friend of the family. Corey invited me over so I came. When I walked in everyone was there including Douglas and "the inquisitor". Everyone there was drinking and having a good time as usual and then small reads began to fly across the room. It isn't unusual to have a room full of punks to start reading one another. Usually since I am a friend of the family no one really reads me or at least while I am there anyway but this time was different.

Douglas and I have a history. We dated, however at the time I think that I wasn't ready for something serious and that I had some personal issues that I wanted to deal with. Douglas and I are still friends and we respect that about one another. If we see each other with someone else it is what it is you know. I guess that is just something that Douglas and I are okay with. Well I sat there and talked with "the inquisitor" on the sofa and the "grandmother" of the two yell out. Hey you come here. Talking to the inquisitor. He has already talked to one of my grandchildren he can't have them both. I was floored! If I were white I would have been blood red. I wasn't upset at all more or less embarrassed. We were just talking it wasn't like I was trying to get his number or anything. I mean we see each other at the gym and we talk. I think he is a cute guy I mean I would like to get to know him on a friendship level. There always has to be a start right. Well I have a few questions because it seems as if people in the life always have a issue with somethings and I find no issue with it.

Why is it when you have dated someone and it didn't work; why is it not okay for you to date someone else who they are friends with or that the person knows? I mean it didn't work out for you all for whatever reason so why hold on to something that isn't there. I mean if it were to break up on bad terms i can understand but good terms is different. I mean we do live in atlanta so the dating circles can be somewhat small. I mean if someone else can make you happy then why shouldn't everyone be happy? Not saying that I want to do this just asking questions. 

Something else that ran through my mind was that there were probably about 20 25 people there however only 3 couples. So that left 19 other people who are single and have been for quite sometime. I think that it is time for people in our lifestyle to stop being so harsh on people and get with someone they like and work it out. There will always be someone else who is more cute, has more money,has a better education. But everyone can't make you happy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Beyonce Experience

So Nikita and I went to the Beyonce concert. I must say that she gave a great show. I am not a fan of hers but her energy and excitement at the show was awesome. The best part of the show for me were her male dancers. Their bodies were amazing. That put a little more gusto into me wanting to get my body right. 

I must say that our experience at the concert was somewhat different from everyone else's who I know. We were in my company's suite who we shall leave nameless for all intensive purposes. So we had our own parking deck our own elevators and were were on a floor with only other professional people. So we really didn't see any of the traditional Beyonce queens. Well except for the one in the show who Beyonce gave her Mic to shout out to "Laquan" lol. But this somewhat shows me that I am separated from so many of my friends and their experiences. Where many of them live the traditional gay life in Atlanta. I must balance my career with what I should be doing as opposed to what I want to do. 

At any rate I gotta go. It is the 4th, I Have to figure out what to do today. I am going to try to blog more but between school, work, and the gym it is hard.