Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Plan

So it has been a while since I have made an entry into my blog. I guess I need to get myself together and be a bit more focused. School this semester has been relatively simple. My class was Statistics for Managers so either you know it or you don't. I have to take my final this week so keep your fingers crossed.

Over the past couple of week several things have happened and have made me realize that I am supposed to take control of my life and set the path and let GOD help me to travel the path he has laid for me.

Jamison, Corey, and I went and had pizza one day and I enjoyed the time. This is something simple that we all do but how often do you do it with your real and true friends. That following Thursday we went to the gym and then ran up Stone Mountain. It was my first time. We finally made it to the top. It was fun and I appreciate Corey for taking me. The Mountain had two meanings for me. Not only physical but it also stood for something else. I had the endurance to climb this mountain to make it to the top so I can have the endurance to change my life how I want it.

Since I have turned 25 my life has made a huge U-turn. Everything has always been so picture book and I had no worries in the world. But then I lost my job, my home( I was robbed), and other things as well. So now it is time for the plan. Thus far for the year I have stuck with my goals of work, school, and the gym but now it is time to expand.

I have a unique opportunity handed to me by a friend. I have paid down my credit card debts from 32K to a mere 8K what an accomplishment. I have also managed to start saving money. So yesterday I thought about it. If I am able to save 10k a year that would be enough to cover my mortgage if I got a home for a whole year. So that means that next year I would need to do the same thing to cover it for the next year. So there is the plan.

My career well as for now it is what it is. We are in a terrible recession so I am just happy to be employed. But inside I feel that when I have completed my MBA there will be a change. I feel like I am being called to help those less fortunate. Not by giving clothes to goodwill so they can resell them or to give food to shelters so they can charge the people $7.00 a day to live there but to actually help the people. If I was blessed to have the money. I would build something similar to a condo tower but instead employ it with those people who have found themselves homeless. This will allow them to have a modest salary to help pay for their living expenses while being there. I would also be able to provide healthcare and educational services to these people. I have sat here and realized that I can't sit and wait for someone else to do these things. If it is something that I want to do then I am going to have to just do it. 

Well I think I have vented enough. Have a great Sunday.


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