Monday, August 31, 2009

He Bust the Window Out His Car

So Friday was a very interesting day. When I was at work I decided that I would create my own get away for the weekend but stay here in the city. I booked a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency on Peachtree. I went home packed a bag for the night and headed to the hotel. It was a very nice room. I sat on the bed listed to my I-POD and enjoyed the view. Peace and quite finally. I didn’t have to hear anything other than my own heart beat. Sometimes you just need to spend some time alone to gather yourself and think about your life and how things are going. Well Jamison and Ava wanted to go to dinner, so Jamison came and picked me up from the hotel and we went to Chow Baby.
As we walked up we saw Fred with this peculiar guy and we spoke as we were seated. It was Jamison’s first time there so I was a little nervous. He can be quite pretentious at times. Well we waited in line for about 20 minutes before finally preparing our food. We sat back down and waited for the server to bring it to us. We ate out first plate and enjoyed the company of each other. This was what I have been missing for so long. Being able to live in the city and enjoy city life with those who are closet to me. Being out in the suburbs has been great for me for the last six months for many reasons but now it is time to move back.
As we left we were walking to the car and I noticed glass on the ground. Instantly I knew something was wrong. Jamison’s passenger back window has been busted out. Well Ava being the blonde that he is left his messenger bag with his Mac and camera and some other stuff. It was all gone. Jamison was upset I could tell. I tend to know how Jamison is. Most often he is very self centered about things in life so he was upset that his car window had been broken into. I mean I have had my place robbed so I was calm and cool. I tried to be there for both friends. I mean Ava had been most devastated because he just lost a Mac in which he does most of his work on and a camera. This would be way more than the $200 bucks to fix the window and Jamison didn’t think about that. I talked to Jamison about it and tried to get him to understand and he finally did. Sometimes I just wish Jamison wouldn’t be so self centered. But we all have our own flaws and I have mine as well.
When I called the APD (Atlanta Police Department) I spent 5 minutes on hold. For heavens sake suppose it was a real emergency by the time they got to the phone I am sure I would have been dead by then. After the police arrived we left and went to the gas station to vacuum the glass from the car. I told Jamison that we would get the window fixed on Saturday. He dropped me back at my hotel and I relaxed to music and went to sleep.

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